Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Easy, No-Sew Mickey and Minnie T-shirts

When my Preschooler asked if I could make her a green Mickey and Minnie shirt to wear to Preschool for St. Patrick's Day, I thought it over for a second and then agreed. I knew that it would probably be pretty easy . . . and it was!

So easy, in fact, that I made a shirt for each of my six children!

This is all you do:

1. Get some No-Sew Ultrahold Heat n Bond. They sell it at craft stores and you can also get it at Walmart. I got mine at Hobby Lobby.
2. Pick out your fabric. I used black for the Mickey and Minnie silhouette and a fun shamrock pattern for the Minnie bow and the Mickey bow tie. 
3. {Optional} I also got some black and green puffy paint to outline the shapes. You don't have to do this, but because the shamrock fabric had a white background, I wanted to outline it in green so you could see it better.
4. Iron the Heat n Bond to the back of the fabric by following the instructions on the packaging.
5. Cut out your shape. I used my Cricut Mickey and Friends cartridge to cut out the Mickey and Minnie and the bows. (I used the same shape for Minnie's bow and Mickey's bow tie. It was a silhouette of Minnie's bow that I just turned upside down for the tie). If you don't have a machine that will cut the shapes for you, you can always print a shape from the Internet, cut it out, trace it onto your fabric, and then cut out your fabric by hand.
6. After the shapes are cut, place them on the shirt and secure them by ironing them. Just follow the Heat n Bond package directions.
7. Finally, outline the shapes with puffy paint if you would like, otherwise you are done!

Quick, easy, and cute!

Here are my models.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Did you remember to wear green today?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pot O' Gold Brownie Bites

I made these brownie bites a couple times last week and they were so easy and fun that I thought I would share!

For the pot I used a boxed brownie mix and baked up a bunch in a mini muffin tin. If you are feeling ambitious, you could also make the brownies from scratch! For the gold I used store-bought yellow frosting (again, you could also make your own). To add a little golden shimmer, I added some orange sugar sprinkles. Finally, to top it off, I added a candy rainbow. The rainbows are AirHeads Xtremes in Rainbow Berry flavor that I found in the candy aisle. I took one piece of the candy, cut it into thirds and it was the perfect size for the little brownie bite!

These are so easy and delicious, plus they're kid-approved!

Do you make any special treats for St. Patrick's Day?

Monday, March 9, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Countdown

Soooooo, it has been FOREVER since I have blogged. I like to think that I have some pretty good excuses though. Last February I found out I was expecting and a little while later I found out we were having TWINS! Then we started house hunting. By July, I was slowing down a little and the house hunt was taking A LOT of time. Then all of a sudden in August/September we found a house, moved, and then a couple weeks later the twins were born. It's been five months since the babies came, we love them to pieces, and we are finally getting unpacked, decorated, into a routine and I am finding a tiny bit of time for crafting! I hope to do a little more blogging from time to time when I get a chance!

At our house we love holidays and we love counting down for them, so this is a fun St. Patrick's Day countdown we started this month.

I actually started making this countdown last year, but it was right about the time during my pregnancy that I was REALLY tired, so I got all the felt pieces cut out, but didn't get around to assembling everything until this year. I made the pots out of felt and added some felt "gold" and tied a little shamrock to each one with some gold string. I added some plastic gold coins and a rainbow ribbon to the top.

Each shamrock has a gold puffy paint number. Each pot is actually a little pouch that you can keep a little treat inside. Each day we read a St. Patrick's Day book and get a little treat out of the pot of gold for that day. My kids love it! (You may even be able to see their little hand prints all over the glass covering the fireplace . . . that's how excited they are to look at it and touch it!)

Is your family getting excited for St. Patrick's Day? What do you do to celebrate?