Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Spa Party

This past weekend we had a Mother-Daughter Spa Party! We had some friends over, ate some yummy food, and did our nails. To put the party together, I gathered some inspiration and ideas from Pinterest and then added some of my own touches. Here are some pictures from the party!

This is a loofah and eye mask wreath I made. I'll share all the details of how to make one yourself in an upcoming post- it's super easy!

I had some little lounge chairs set up under a "Relax" banner I made with my Cricut.

All the girls had the chance to decorate their own flip flops. I had several pairs of girls' flip flops available and an assortment of ribbon, jewel stickers, and foam stickers for the girls to use.

I set up a table for the girls to do a little pampering. The moms had a table as well, just in a bigger size! The table and chairs are covered with plastic tablecloths and I tied a little tulle bow around the chairs. Each girl's station had a mirror (found at Dollar Tree), a little basin with water to wash her hands (also found at Dollar Tree), some hand scrub, a wash cloth tied with ribbon to dry her hands, and some hand cream.

The hand scrub is a sugar scrub I made. You can find the instructions here. We found that the sugar settles to the bottom over time, so you'll want to stir it right before you put it on. The hand cream is some Vanilla Bean Noel lotion from Bath & Body Works. I love that the scrub is pink and the cream is green to go with the color scheme of the party. I didn't even plan that! The little cups were found at Dollar Tree. I made the labels for the scrub and cream on my computer and cut them out with a 1" circle punch then glued them to the cups.

I decorated the refreshment table with some loofah "flowers".

Here is the refreshment table! Again, I made the banner with my Cricut. The little "eye masks" in the background are actually something called "bath time kneeling pads" that I found at Dollar Tree.

We had "Spa Water" to drink. I created the pink labels on my computer and cut them out with a 2" scallop punch then glued them to the green water bottle labels that I cut with my Cricut.

Here are some "Bubble Bath Treats" I made. You can find the recipe here. I altered the original recipe by using just a regular cake mix and the ingredients needed on the package and topping it with marshmallow frosting. Then I added some mini marshmallows and a Teddy Graham and you have a cute little bear in a bubble bath!

For each treat I made a label on my computer, cut it out with a 1 3/4" circle punch, glued it on some card stock cut with a 2" scallop punch, and added some fun make-up embellishments I cut out with my Cricut. The label holders are foam rollers.

Next are the "Nail Polish" treats. These are made with strawberry flavored marshmallows and Tootsie Rolls held together by a toothpick.

These "Nail File" treats are vanilla sugar wafer cookies.

Here are some "Flip Flop Cucumber Sandwiches"!

Here's a closer look. I found the inspiration for these here, but I altered the idea a little and they ended up looking more like these here (this link also includes step-by-step instructions). To make mine look like flip flops I used blueberries and sliced cucumber peel. You can find the recipe for the filling here. I altered the recipe by mixing chopped cucumber into the filling instead of adding a slice of cucumber to each sandwich.

Finally, we had "Pig Tails in a Blanket". It's the classic snack food with a fun little twist on the name.

My girls had a wonderful time at the spa party and it was fun to put it together too! I hope you enjoyed the little "tour" of our party!

Have you planned any themed parties recently? What did you do?

P.S. If you are planning a spa party soon, I found some cute printable invitations here!


  1. Wow, this Spa Party was so relaxing. I felt so relaxed watching these photos. The décor part is my favorite. Even I am going to host a DIY colorful party for my niece’s birthday celebrations and I have pre booked one of the garden themed outdoor New York Event Venues for this family party.