Monday, January 27, 2014

Personal Progress: Pebbles into Gems

I was asked to give a talk on Personal Progress for New Beginnings. Our theme for New Beginnings this year was A Diamond in the Rough: Come Unto Christ and Be Perfected in Him. I wanted to incorporate this theme into my talk so I browsed the web for some inspiration. I found this talk by Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy that I thought fit perfectly with the theme. It tells the story of a group of horsemen that were instructed to collect pebbles. The next morning they found that the pebbles had turned into precious gems. There are many "pebbles" we find as we journey through life and the world would have us believe that they are nothing more than that. In fact, these pebbles are precious gems that Heavenly Father has put in our path to help us learn and grow and will eventually be what we need to lead us back to Him. 

Everything is better with a handout, so I made this for the girls. I used a quote from the talk and attached some "pebbles" (milk duds) and "gems" (nerds) to remind the girls that the Personal Progress Values are pebbles put in our path which will one day become precious gems!

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